Rules and Policies

§ 1

1. In order to purchase goods and / or services in the Internet Shop customer places an order, follow the onscreen instructions during the submission of procurement notices or information.
2. When placing an order customer receives e-mails in which such Registration is informed of the orders made and named by the computer system of an individual number, the next steps regarding procurement and the possibility of preview status of orders.
3. Orders will be processed, unless ordered by the Customer the goods and / or services will be available in the store or its suppliers. Client will be informed immediately to your e-mail or phone to cancel orders due to lack of goods and / or services in a warehouse or a longer delivery time.
4. The consolidation, security, access and customer confirmation of the essential provisions of Contract, including the provisions referred to in Article. 9.1. Law is the e-mail confirming all the relevant contracts and the supply of goods and / or services via print and refer to Customer, in particular the content of invoices and / or specifications of the Order.
5. The store reserves the cancellation of contracts of more than one piece.

§ 2

1. Prices of goods and services are given in equivalency to Polish zloty.  Contains all of its components, including VAT, customs duties and other taxes.
2. Website appears outside Polish borders will have prices in other currencies.
3. For goods and / or services customer pays a price: in cash or by bank transfer or from the proceeds of a bank loan or credit card at the latest at the time of receipt of ordered goods and / or services.

§ 3
Timeframe of Delivery

1. Unless otherwise agreed with the customer order will be processed within time specified on the item page or in some case it could go up to 30 days with customer approval.  In case customer do not agree with delivery time order will be cancelled.
2. Procured goods and / or services can be delivered to the address indicated by you on Polish territory or abroad.
3. Delivery may be done via our own transport or by courier.
4. Depending on the method of choice by the client and place of delivery of ordered goods and / or services in the confirmation of all the essential elements of the contracts will be determined delivery costs that may change when finalizing the contracts with the client will be informed.

§ 4
Right to withdrawal from order

1. The client may withdraw from a distance contract without giving any reason within 10 days from the date of delivery, and if an agreement concluded at a distance at the services within 10 days from the date of its conclusion by submitting written notice of cancellation of a distance. The desire to withdraw from the contract may be submitted via the form.
2. Returned merchandise must be in perfect condition with complete accessories, box, accessories and documents released by the sale.
3. The right of withdrawal does not apply in case of a sale: (1) audio and video, and recorded on computer software has been removed by the Customer of their original packaging, (2) benefits of the characteristics specified by the Customer in contract or closely associated with his person, ( 3) benefits, which by their nature can not be returned or which is subject to rapid decay, (4) product which was of specially ordered at the customer.
4. Not be accepted items posted by customers for delivery.
5. The cost of shipping and insurance of the goods both ways will be covered by the customer.

§ 5
Deadline for the offer or price information is binding

Pricing information on this website are binding from the moment of confirmation in the implementation of Customer Orders, all the essential terms of contracts for the quantity of goods and services specified in the Order, until the end of its implementation. Binding for the customer price will not change regardless of price changes that may occur after confirmation of Customer Orders in progress, all the relevant conditions of the Order.

§ 6
Place and manner of making complaints, complaint review procedure

1. Clients may submit complaints concerning non-compliance of goods with the contract and / or services or the operation of Internet Store directing a written complaint to:
Sklep fotograficzny UmnieTaniej.com
Ul. Dekabrystów 41 lok. 602
42-202 Częstochowa

   2. The Customer shall provide a written complaint: your mailing address, date of purchase of goods and / or services or the use of an online store, type and description of the reported defects in the goods and / or services, or failure online shop, based on a claim that puts customer (non-compliance of goods with contract, warranty) and attach a copy of your proof of purchase of goods and / or services.
3. The warranty is granted for goods to be carried out in accordance with the terms set out in the warranty card and in the indicated in the service network. Any warranty claims can also be notified by e-mail.
4. Information on how to return the goods advertised, please call Customer Service Department.
5. In the case of mechanical damage to the goods ordered arising in the delivery of customer should be reported in the presence of the supplier at the time of taking delivery of the goods and to confirm the complaint protocol owned by the supplier.

§ 7
Who we are

Shop online at www.prosperixgroup.com is managed by UmnieTaniej.com, based in Czestochowa, address: 42-202 Czestochowa, Ul. Dekabrystów 41 lok. 218. Tel +48-530-479-747.

§ 8

1. The company reserves the possibility of errors in the description of the goods and / or services.
2. Appearing on the website are pictures of the goods and present concrete examples presented in these models. The Company is not responsible for pictures and descriptions posted by individual products.
3. The administrator of personal data is UmnieTaniej.com Seweryn Bandurski. Personal information to be made at the time the orders are processed by the UMT Robert Suski solely for the purpose of procurement. According to the decision expressed in the Customer Order data may also be processed for marketing purposes. Client shall have the right to amend, update, rectification of personal data, temporarily or permanently suspended or erased, if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected in violation of the law and the right to lodge an objection to the processing for marketing purposes.
4. Personal data are not transferred to other operators.
5. By placing an order customer accepts the Terms shall be the date of the request and consent to receive commercial information within the meaning of the Act on electronic services. Not mentioned explicitly in terms of implementation of the Procurement Regulations are formulated clearly and in a comprehensible and easy to read directly in the sections mentioned in the Regulations.
6. These Regulations are without prejudice to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code Act and other regulations applicable to the activities and operation of the Online Shop.
7. Promotions online store. Promotional commodity prices are valid until stocks are exhausted, or to cancel in part or in its entirety. The term describes the binding nature of § 5 of the Rules.